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Swen Goebbels Videoproduction, Germany               
Swen Goebbels founded his company end of 2003 and made his first steps in the entertainment world. He started with some
film productions and created the website 'Carstuckgirls'.

In May 2004 the website 'Carstuckgirls' was Webby Awards Winner 2004 & Webby Awards People's Voice Winner 2004 in the category 'Weird'. The day after early at 7.30 am the first magazine was calling Swen Goebbels to congratulate and to ask for an interview. During 2004 there were so many articles and interviews in magazines and in the web that it is hard to follow up. But here are some of them (Print & Online-Media) - mostly in German. International there were articles in the magazines: „Men’s Journal" (USA) and "Maxim" (USA).

Due to the new, fresh and innovating kind of 'entertainment' film, Swen Goebbels had several 'making of' reports with big
European TV channels about 'Carstuckgirls'. Here is a list of the most important TV reports. Over more most German TV
offer picture galleries from Swen Goebbels to entertain their viewers (watch for 'Carstuckgirls'- Galleries).

From 2005 until today the Swen Goebbels Videoproduction has a good cooperation with the German Telekom. They are
using the 'Carstuckgirls'-Videoclips to offer exclusive content to their special members. They not only prolonged the partnership,
but also extended it for more and new filmed content of Carstuckgirls.

End of 2006 a new partnership was born: Carstuckgirls video clips are also shown on DSF - a big German Sport Channel which
is broadcasting the clips in their daily night programme for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Thanks to the constant presence in different kind of media Swen Goebbels Videoproduction took the opportunity in spring 2007
and is also cooperating now with a German DVD Distribution Company which bought licences for 2 'Best of Carstuckgirls' DVD also
for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

From May 2008 'Playboy UK' is now broadcasting the Carstuckgirls Clips on their free Channel One! Here we have to add that
our Carstuckgirls don’t show any nudity… and we won’t change this!

In 2009 another great show uses our footage to entertain their viewers: “The International Sexy Lady Show” which is a big success
all over the world (in USA Broadcasted on “G4”).

January 2010:

Thanks for the good time at NATPE 2010 in Las Vegas.
We met so many great people and really had fun.
Let's keep in touch!

In March 2010 another great "Red Carpet Event": Release of Repo Men (2010) with our footage in a scene! What a great honor! :-)

Due to these successful experiences Swen Goebbels Videoproduction has established as a content provider company - not only for websites, but also for TV and mobile content partners all over the world.

Aachen, Germany in June 2010

References TV, Print- & Online-Media

German TV:
Vox: Auto Motor und Sport-TV
Sat1: Akte04
Sat1: Blitz
Pro7: Taff
Pro7: Sam
Pro7: Bizz
RTL: Nachtjournal
WDR: Quizfire (Quizfrage über die Seite Carstuckgirls)
RTL: Guten Abend RTL
DSF: Maxim TV

British TV:
Channel 4 UK

French TV:
ARTE France

Netherland TV:
Car Channel


Cinema Productions:
Repo Men (2010)

Print- & Online-Media:

This is not a complete list of all reports (only some extracts):


July 2007: Die Geschäftsidee, 32. Jahrgang, Heft 7/07, Seite 16, "Auto-Film"

April 2007: Financial Times Deutschland, http://www.ftd.de/lifestyle/entertainment/185805.html, "Goodbye - TV-Serie "Car Stuck Girls", ["Man findet sie noch, die Juwelen im deutschen Fernsehen."]

April 2007: TV Spielfilm, Heft 8/07, Seite 234, Oliver Kalkofe, "Am besten von hinten und nicht an den Auspuff fassen ..." ["Aber der neueste Hit: "Car Stuck Girls!"]

April 2006: Spiegel Online, http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/web/0,1518,411123,00.html, "Webby-Awards: Verzweifelt im Schlamm", ["Swen Goebbels bleibt zum dritten Mal in Folge Deutschlands international meistbeachteter Regisseur - zumindest bei den Webby-Awards, den in diesem Jahr zum zehnten Mal verliehenen "Internet-Oscars".]

December 2005: www.aol.de, http://www.aol.de/index.jsp?cid=657466694&sg=Auto, "Festgefahren: Wer schleppt das Beach-Babe ab?", ["Die Matsch-Mädels der Internet-Seite www.carstuckgirls.com sind längst zum Kult geworden."]

July/August 2005: Quad Magazin, No. 4-2005, Page 96, "Die coolsten Webseiten"

April 2005: Maxim USA, Volume 9, Number 4, Page 45, "Web Bytes"
["Men can't resist a damsel in distress - so enter carstuckgirls.com."]

April 2005: Stern.de, http://www.stern.de/computer-technik/internet/539016.html, Internet-Preis "Wer ist die Schönste im Web ...?" ["Als einziger deutscher Kandidat landete die Seite www.carstuckgirls.com aus Aachen in der Kategorie "Sonderbares"."]

März 2005: TV Spielfilm, Heft 05/05, Seite 28, "Matsch-Modelle"

January 2005: Auto, Motor und Sport, http://www.auto-motor-und-sport.de/d/75316/d_ams_drucken, "Sexy Schlammschlacht: Carstuckgirls"

November 2004: VOX, http://www.vox.de/28379_29249.php?mainid=20041121&area=reportage3, "Carstuckgirls" ["Um einen Internet-Oscar zu gewinnen, muss man einfach nur eine gute Idee haben."]

August 2004: Men's Journal, Volume 13, Number 7, Page 78, "100 best websites (for guys)"
["... this is currently the funniest site on the Net."]

May 2004: Stuttgarter Zeitung, http://www.stuttgarter-zeitung.de/stz/page/detail.php/727337, "Deutsche Webseiten gewinnen "Internet-Oscar", ["www.de.map24.com und www.carstuckgirls.com schlagen internationale Konkurrenz."]

May 2004: Heise Online, http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/print/47296, "Web-Oscars für zwei deutsche Seiten"

May 2004: Stern.de, http://www.stern.de/computer-technik/internet/index.html?id=523916, "And the Webby goes to ..."

May 2004: Spiegel Online, http://service.spiegel.de/digas/find?DID=30889950, "Wo nicht nur der Reifen durchdreht" ["Es geschieht nicht oft, dass deutsche Webseiten bei den Webby-Awards, den "Oscars" des Internet, abräumen."]

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